The Prairie Kings fight for the championship and their lives all in the same night. The Kings are on top of the world after winning the cup only to find out that the Zombie Ahockalypse has happened! The boys with some help from Barry Melrose try to avoid sudden death!!
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This is a movie that I A/C'd on, gaffed, did set and advertising photography for as well as acted in. It was filmed in my home state of Minnesota and will be going to Netflix this winter, it is in post production.


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A Gray state

From director Erik Nelson and executive producer Werner Herzog, A GRAY STATE is a core sample of a new American reality.

David Crowley was a charismatic filmmaker, veteran, and rising star in libertarian and political spheres. In 2010, Crowley began a cinematic manifesto called Gray State - a dystopian vision where citizen liberties are trampled by an out-of-control government. Crowley nurtured a passionate fan base for his film, and with $6,000 and a dedicated production team, was able to create an impressive trailer. By June of 2014, he had a Hollywood funder on the hook. But just after Christmas, David Crowley, his wife Komel, and his young daughter Rani were found dead in their Minnesota home.

This story was pieced together by an all-star team including Alec Wilkinson, Tom Kaufmann, Peter Hankoff and myself (Mason Hendricks). We sifted through 15 terabytes of data in search of what happened.  The film debued at the TriBeCa Film festival in April 2017, it has since been all over the world and will be coming to Netflix this winter.