Available Video and Foto Production gear for hire


Technology is changing so fast in this day and age and it is hard to keep up with all of the gear coming out in today's world. The story always comes first but gear helps tell that story


Canon 1DX mkii

The Canon EOS-1DX MKii is one of the best hybrids cameras made, it boasts incredible low-light capabilities and a rich 4k video codec to aid in capturing all the details of your event. I recently Produce and Filmed a documentary called "A Gray State" and this camera along with a few Sony's were used to capture that story.  The EOS-1DX MKii is a work horse that's reliability is second to none, need a robust weather proof compact 4K capture device, this is the only reliable option. I use the Canon EOS-1DX MKii for mostly video and some still. In addition I use the Canon 5d MKiii for stills when the moments count the most.



The Canon EF mount can be found on more than just Canon digital picture bodies, it is now a stable on many cinema camera's (such as the Red EPIC, Scarlet, Weapon and all Panasonic ) due not just to the popularity but because the quality of EF glass. I use all Canon glass and too accompany fluid and smooth movements with capturing moments I use a Glide Cam

Canon 35mm L F/1.4 vii, Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 viii
Canon 24-70mm L F/2.8 vii, Canon 70-200 IS F/2.8 vii, Canon 300mm L IS F/2.8 vii




Aerial's add a certain flare and wow factor to your production, so I use the biggest and most reliable name in the game "DJI". With enough batteries and solid state hard drives I can push my Inspire 2 to meet all of your aerial story telling needs. I have used my UAV for weddings, advertising and shows on the Travel Channel.